Tin Can Bay P-10 State School August 2023


At Tin Can Bay P-10 State School, skipping during lunch breaks has become a familiar sight as students trade their normal lunchtime routines for a more active, fun, and social activity.

Students from Prep to Year 10 have loved challenging each other with how many jumps they can do and how fast they can jump. Team skipping has also been a hit!

Apart from being great exercise, skipping at lunchtime offers social and emotional benefits. It brings students together, fostering friendships from Prep to Year 10 as they cheer each other on, try out new tricks, and encourage one another to reach their skipping goals.

Teacher Aide, Miss Georgia said, ‘Students enjoy the chance to socialise and challenge each other. More and more students are grabbing a skipping rope and joining in on the lunchtime skipping sessions.  It’s wonderful!”

Hopefully the skipping trend will continue as it has proven to be an exciting addition to the lunchtime breaks.

Term 2 Golf Program

‘Nice shot!’ were the words of our Tin Can Bay students to each other during the Term 2 Golf Program. The program was hosted by our local Golf Professional, James Taylor and his team at the Tin Can Bay Golf Club.

The program was funded by a Sporting Schools grant that was gained in the hope to give our students a different sporting opportunity and to also develop a possible life-long passion to get out on the course.

Students were involved in learning basic swing skills, hand-eye strategies, long tee driving, putting, simple scoring techniques, and safety within a fun small group environment.

From the positive feedback we have received from students and staff, it was a great success!

We look forward to the possibility of gaining more funding throughout the year to support Physical Education at the school and give our students more opportunities to learn through sport.

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