Bird of the month – Australian Wood Duck

Australian Wood Duck - photo credit: Melissa Marie

Australian Wood Duck – photo credit: Melissa Marie

There is something intrinsically adorable about the waddle of a duck, and their presence at a local pond can bring joy to young and old alike.

Our very own Australian wood duck is found throughout Australia, and will happily make a home in grasslands, open woodlands, wetlands, flooded pastures and along the coast in inlets and bays, and also in urban parks.

The male is grey with a dark brown head and speckled breast. The female has white stripes above and below the eye and mottled underparts.

Preferring to forage on land, the Australian wood duck eats grasses, grains, clover and other herbs, and occasionally insects.

Monogamous pairs nest in tree hollows or in nest-boxes above or near water.

A delight to see at any of our local parks, please remember to never feed them bread as it is extremely harmful to their health.

Melissa Marie

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