Tanya and Mark Beech, Rainbow Ocean Palms

Visit Rainbow Beach magazine for New Zealand

Hi Michelle and Heatley,

Wow, wow and wow! We are very impressed with how the final product looks and feels. This is fantastic. Seeing this text come to life in the finished product has been quite exciting. Thanks for the opportunity for input.

Thank you to you and Heatley for being perfectionists and investing so much time in ensuring that our town is presented just the way we want it to be.

Your creativity, integrity and professionalism have guided our small business community from the initial concept phase right through to delivery of a very high quality marketing publication that we are all very proud of.

We have had several guests from New Zealand this week who have brought their Rainbow Beach guide with them to use as a holiday planner whilst in town. They were very keen to show us that they had kept the guide on their coffee table until packing their bags to visit Rainbow. This is great reinforcement of the success of the publication – the quality editorial, stories and images not only inspired people to choose Rainbow Beach as a holiday destination, but it also guided them in planning activities in our town once they were here. What a wonderful outcome for all operators in Rainbow!