Chappy Ronnie Timperon

I just wanted to send a short email to let you know about a wonderful thing that happened over the weekend. I received a message from Liz at Rainbow Beach Fruit, asking if I could meet her as she had some news for me.  A local person who who wishes to remain anonymous approached Liz in the fruit shop, to ask how they could go about making a donation to the school’s kitchen garden.  Apparently they saw an article in the recent Rainbow Beach Community News and wanted to make a donation of $1,000 to go specifically towards the garden. I was absolutely thrilled when Liz handed me the $1,000 in cash which I will give to the P&C this week to bank in the kitchen garden account. Each class is creating a special project for the garden to commemorate the school’s 30 year anniversary and  this money will go towards purchasing supplies to make their class projects a reality.