Droughtrunners Update May 2021

Tony Stewart from Drought RunnersBy Tony Stewart, Rainbow Beach DroughtRunners: 0408767930

Last month there was welcome rain in many areas of Queensland, but on further investigation there are pockets that have entirely missed out. Very hard to believe but true.

Our shed is filling and we have someone that has volunteered for a run which could possibly be up towards Emerald; that is one area that has been light on for moisture.

We really need donations of pasta, soups, flour, sugar and tinned food. If we can’t get donations we will purchase to top off our hampers. Our trolleys are no longer at the IGAs, so if anyone can help we will pick up. We will probably have a trolley close to Woolies soon.

Many thanks to Bob and Desley Elmer, who donated a laptop to go to School of Distant Ed in Longreach. Wayne Kerle for his can and bottle collections, Pat and Harvey for the Rosella Jams, and all those for the collection tins, which I haven’t banked yet.

This month $1500 in Visas has gone to Longreach and $500 to Fencing for Fires, Also money going to flood victims in early May.

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