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Bird of the month – Sulphur-crested cockatoo: With a mohawk to rival the most dedicated of punk rockers, the
Bird of the month – Pale-headed Rosella: Our region has a kaleidoscope of stunning parrots to adore, and the
Bird of the month – Eastern Ground Parrot: There is no doubt we are fortunate to live in such a
Bird of the month – Leaden Flycatcher: When you catch the sun shining off a leaden flycatcher’s feathers you
Cooloola welcomes some rare visitors: Our beautiful region continues to attract various feathered friends that aren’t often
Bird of the month: We are truly blessed to have the sacred kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) as
Rainbow welcomes a special summer visitor: Rainbow Beach has had a very special and unusual visitor arrive recently,
Bird of the month – Rainbow Bee-Eater: Melissa Marie No bird could seem more at home on the Cooloola
Aussie Backyard Bird Count: Story and photo by Dorothy Pashniak Warm summer weather and the migratory
Birds Around The Bay: by Dorothy Pashniak During the summer months when the sea is nice