Bird of the Month – Crested Bellbird

Crested Bellbird (c) Scott Humphris

Crested Bellbird (c) Scott Humphris

With a very cool hair-do and a distinctive high pitched bell-like call, the aptly named crested bellbird is another example of Australia’s beautiful and unique avian wildlife.

Predominately found in the drier parts of Australia, it dines on seeds and small invertebrates, and is known to place caterpillars in and around its nest; perhaps to act as a source of food for the parents and nestlings.

The male and female crested bellbird often duet, with the male calling from an exposed perch such as a dead branch or the top of a tree, with the female responding.

Their cup-shaped nests are made of fine sticks and twigs or bark, and lined with bark and leaves.

Photo credit: Scott Humphris

Melissa Marie

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