Janine Lawler

This testimonial is long overdue. I’ve used The RBCCCN in my classroom the last couple of years.

In the subject History, students write a narrative about how the community remembers a past event.  Rainbow Beach has a strong tradition when it comes to ANZAC day. The coverage of this event in the RBCCCN has enabled the class to use it as a source to help write our narratives. Many of our questions are answered by the photo spread, for example: Who attends? Is there a significant site? What are the special traditions?

I’ve also used the RBCCCN to teach behaviour. Choosing good role models can be challenging when looking at mainstream media. However, skimming the RBCCCN provides abundant opportunities to talk about the qualities that make a good role model. The paper presents a wide selection of award winners. Likewise, there are numerous depictions of locals participating in events, ‘having a go’ and ‘giving it their all’. Pictured also are a range of volunteers and workers who provide our services each and every day, effectively and with a smile.

So, I’d like to thank the team for beautifully reflecting our amazing town and its magnificent locals.