Bird of the month – Noisy Pitta

Noisy Pitta - photo credit Scott Humphris

Noisy Pitta – photo credit Scott Humphris

With a stunning technicolour plumage, the noisy pitta is always a delight to spot in the bush.

An elusive bird, it is found in forest habitats along the east coast of Australia, from the Torres Strait to the Hunter Region in New South Wales.

The noisy pitta spends its time on the forest floor, flicking through the leaf litter for insects, snails, occasional fruit, and other invertebrates to dine on.

When it comes time for breeding a nest with a side entrance is made from branches and twigs, roots, plant fibres, mosses, strips of bark and feathers, and is generally placed on the ground at the bottom of a large rock or stump of roots.

Both mum and dad incubate the eggs in the dome-shaped structure, and feed the chicks.

Unfortunately populations of noisy pittas have declined due to the destruction of forests and attacks by household pets, but if you’re quiet and watchful you may just see one while in a forest and catch a glimpse of its stunning colours.

Melissa Marie

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