Bird of the Month – Squatter Pigeon

Squatter Pigeon - photo credit Scott Humphris

Squatter Pigeon – photo credit Scott Humphris

The critically vulnerable squatter pigeon, found only in northeastern Australia, is readily identifiable by its distinctive black and white facial markings and the white stripe up each of its sides.

Making its home in arid and semi-arid areas, including grasslands, this striking bird, with its mottled brown wings and metallic green and purple patch, prefers sandy areas close to water.

Feeding on the ground, they dine on grass seeds, herbs, and shrubs, as well as insects.

Predation by cats and foxes, loss of habitat, and the destruction of nests by cattle and sheep have led to a dramatic decline in the numbers of the squatter pigeon.

It has been noted that the species has not recovered from significant declines since the 1870s.

Photo credit: Scott Humphris

Melissa Marie

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