Seafood Festival a hit

The Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival organisers watched the forecasts, praying that the sun would be shining down on us and weren’t disappointed – it was a glorious day.

“The Seafood Festival is a great way to showcase our area, the place we not only call home but also love to live and work in,” said Elise Henderson from Tin Can Bay Chamber of Commerce.

“The festival brings in huge crowds every year; we estimate between 8,000 to 10,000 came this year.”

Elise and Cameron said they had more hands to help set up and pack up than ever before. They credit them, the sponsors and the selfie competition supporting businesses, “Without them there wouldn’t be a festival.

“We would like to especially thank the Reibel family – that huge seafood tent takes a lot of work.”

The driving force behind the Mascots were Rebecca Reibel and Yvonne Jensen (who made all eight costumes within just two months) – and the young bodies inside the costumes who brought smiles to young and old all deserve special recognition.

The winner of the first selfie competition, was first time attendee and local baby Kalani Dickfos, and the boat was won by Louie Rose, local taxi driver.

“When a stranger walks up to you and thanks you for making it such a wonderful day it encourages us to do more next year.”

Next year, the selfie competition will continue, and the committee plan more seafood vendors and seating in shaded gazebos – making it even better!

“On behalf of the Tin Can Bay Chamber of Commerce we thank everyone who supported the day. We can’t wait to see you all at the New Year’s Eve Carnival!”

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