Fun Days of January

Did you know there’s a day to celebrate just about everything! Here’s a few for January:

Fruitcake Toss Day – 3 January

If the holidays have been a stressful time and you feel like throwing something then this day is for you!

It is thought that this holiday was first created and celebrated in Manitou Springs, Colorado, in 1995 and all you need is some fruitcake.

How to Celebrate?

  • Collect all the fruitcake you can. Find an empty space and start tossing your fruitcakes.
  • Feeling competitive? Compete for the highest or farthest throw.
  • Fruitcakes are sometimes known as the gift that gives on giving, referring to a practice of re-gifting fruitcakes during the holiday season. So, maybe instead of tossing fruitcakes and wasting food, why not share them with family, friends, and colleagues?

Word Nerd Day – 9 January  

Do you love your dictionary or like long, complicated, fancy words? Then get excited – and eager and thrilled and delighted and enthusiastic for Word Nerd Day!

While the origins of this event are unknown, it is assumed that those who created it wanted word and language fanatics to celebrate their expansive vocabulary. It’s also a good day for people to pick up their dictionaries and thesauruses (or online versions) to learn more about the origin, meaning, and usages of words in their language.

Did you know that according to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘bookkeeper’ is the only word in the English language (without any hyphens) with three consecutive repeated letters?

How to Celebrate?

  • Use words no less than 7 letters long in all your conversations.
  • Do crosswords and play word puzzles all day long.
  • Spend the day learning about new words and finding occasions to use them.

Nothing Day – 16 January

The day is an ‘un-event’, which means that it should not be seen as an event and that one should do nothing to promote it as such.

Started by newspaper columnist Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973, the unofficial holiday aims to provide people “with a day where they can just sit without celebrating, observing, or honouring anything.”

How to Celebrate?

  • Observe Nothing Day by celebrating nothing.
  • Learn facts about absolutely nothing.

Clashing Clothes Day – 26 January

Clothes have (thankfully) been around for thousands of years, and for much of human history clothing has simply been used to cover the body – it wasn’t until a few centuries ago that fashion began to truly make an appearance.

As colourful dyes were applied to clothing and patterns woven into fabrics, the ability to match – or clash – became an element of personal taste and popular trends. At some stage the idea came forth to think outside the box and dress in a way that completely clashes!

Held on the fourth Thursday of January every year, Clashing Clothes Day is here to celebrate the freedom there is to wear absolutely whatever you want!

How to Celebrate

  • Dress in Clashing Clothes – Simply grab those loud pink and green polka dots and pair them with that red and blue paisley print for an audacious and gregarious look. The more clashing, the better, so don’t be afraid to pair the look with a floral scarf and some obnoxiously colourful socks.
  • Hold a Clashing Clothes Day Contest – host a competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculous clashing clothes in the group.

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