Yacht Club Sailing School’s surprise whale watching tour

 A couple of whales decided to join the Yacht Club Sailing School outing last month.

A couple of whales decided to join the Yacht Club Sailing School outing last month.

Two relative newcomers to town have been keen to learn to sail for some time. However, the weather has not been cooperative at a time suitable for sailors and learners.

Then the planets all aligned and we were able to venture out on a sunny, but not too warm, winter’s Wednesday afternoon, with a light breeze in the club’s Status boat, ‘Tickled Pink’.

With an outgoing tide we decided to head up Crab Creek towards the power lines, in case the wind died out when we could at least drift back on the tide. On return to the entrance of Snapper Creek, the breeze was holding out, so learner helms swapped and we headed towards Carlo.

That was when we saw a spout/splash of water. Dolphins don’t do that so maybe it was a stingray splashing the water. Then a whale broke the surface of the water quite close to the boat. It was travelling towards Tin Can Bay and we followed. It surfaced a few more times and turned around.

Apparently, there were two whales and not just one. Unfortunately, we had to return home and the amazing whale watching tour was over.

It can only be assumed that after their sightseeing tour of Tin Can Bay, the whales found their way back out over the Wide Bay bar and continued on their journey as no further sightings have been made.

Wednesday afternoon is a cruising afternoon for experienced sailors and those wanting to learn.

Everyone is welcome to join. The club also has ‘Green Fleet’ sailing on Saturdays before the Sunday races.

For further information check the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club website:  http://tcbyachtclub.wix.com/tcbyacht-club

Kay Muir

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