Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

by Tony Stewart, 54868666, rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

Well thank goodness August has gone as that was the worst August since I have been here – all 21yrs! I know we have had more rain in August before, but the wind was dreadful.

September has been much better although the dreaded Northerlies have arrived a tad early. This could be a long, hot and dry Spring.

We have had a lot more trips offshore this month, fishing has been steady as usual with all getting a good feed and hopefully leaving some for next time.

The closer reefs have produced good catches of pearl perch, snappery squire, sweetlip, parrot, moses perch, gold spot cod with the odd big snapper and scarlet sea perch.

The wider grounds have been producing snapper and squire, gold band snapper, parrot, hussar, pearl perch, gold spot wrasse, moses perch, with the odd red emperor and a few cobia.

Let’s hope some good weather prevails for the holiday people and business this month.

Good fishing!

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