Rainbow Beach fishing report

Locals Paivy, Brad and his son and a successful overseas visitor

Locals Paivy, Brad and his son and a successful overseas visitor

by Tony Stewart

Welcome to another edition of “Offshore fishing from baitrunner”.

The months are flying by, and the holidays are once again drawing to a close.

Offshore conditions over the Christmas/New Year period have been better than the last few years, and the absence of big swells has been a bonus. A couple of big storms were just what the campers didn’t need, but each time the sun has quickly appeared to produce more humid weather.

Fishing for this time of year has been good, because with low barometers and north winds it can be a real battle to get a feed.

Pearl perch and snapper squire have made up the bulk of our catches with parrot, Maori cod and hussar on the wider grounds. Closer in some big pearlies have been landed along with squire, parrot, sweetlip, goldspot cod, scarlet sea perch and moses perch.

A bonus this year has been the appearance of dolphin fish with most around the ten kilo mark, and as I write the mackerel have just appeared.

Next month will be the last article for a while, as I will put the boat on the hardstand at Tin Can Bay and head off, with start up around early May. Hopefully the autumn brings you better offshore weather than recent years have delivered.

Till next month – good fishing and stay safe.

Tony Stewart, phone: 5486 8666, web: www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

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