Heart Walkers Go From Strength To Strength

Crazy Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers taking a break from the sun and heat

Crazy Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers taking a break from the sun and heat

Welcome to our newest members of Heart Foundation Walking, Hilda and Malinda. Great to have Hilda in the ‘Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers’ and handing out our Secret Santa gifts to the fifteen people present.

We were missing six members that morning. How our fifteen-month-young group has grown, meeting at 7.30am Mondays and Fridays at the Nautilus Drive bus shelter outside the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre.

Our ‘One Step at a Time Tin Can Bay’ walking group gathered to celebrate the festive season on the weekend before Christmas Day. This more than five-year-old group also has expanded in size, becoming a more closely-knit extended “family”, despite our two separate start times of 6am and 6.30am on Wednesdays and Saturdays outside the Tin Can Bay Bakery.

Congratulations to Barbara K and Gwenda on achieving your first 25 recorded walks. Big congratulations to Denise McKean for being awarded your 200 walks pin badge, and huge thanks for your dedication, support, and commitment to your role of volunteer Walk Organiser. Much appreciated.

Kara Tebbit, Heart Foundation Walk Coordinator for the Gympie Regional Council, met the Cooloola Coast Walk Organisers, recently. An opportunity to give feedback to Council, and to receive praise for our wonderful walking groups and achievements. I am excited to report that I completed my 500th officially recorded walk that morning. Another badge to pin to my red cap.

Walk Yourself Happy! Why don’t you join us? It’s free, fun and a great way to improve our physical, mental, social and emotional health. Queries? Contact Judy Kiddle on 5486 2181 or myself on 0400 756 615.

Maggie Travers, Walk Organiser 

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