Great start at Rainbow Beach – Reach for a Rainbow

Our remarkable new mural painted by the very talented James Ellis

Our remarkable new mural painted by the very talented James Ellis

Steve Bennett

As we come to the middle of Term 4 and we are planning to transition our youngest children into Prep and our Year 6 students off to High School, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on a couple of the many positives that I see at Rainbow Beach State School.

For some time now, we have had a number of programs that are aimed at supporting young children and their families prior to Prep enrolment.

These programs, that include Playgroup and KindyLinQ , have continued to grow and have been a real success. They have offered support and guidance to families and ensured the school is well prepared for the support the needs of the children on entry to school.

The success of these programs is largely due to our people! Over the years we have had some truly dedicated teachers deliver learning opportunities with our young children and partner with parents to support their child’s learning.

Miss C and Ms Margetts have done a remarkable job in recent years. And for more than a decade now we have been very fortunate to have Miss Sarah working in this space. Her ongoing contribution to our school, students and families can never be underestimated.

A highlight of these programs has been the community engagement and spirit that is evident throughout every session.

It reaffirms how lucky we are to live within a community like this.  We are excited to see new families returning and expanding their own support networks.

Over the recent school holidays, we commissioned some new artwork at Rainbow Beach State School. We had mural artist James Ellis paint some murals within our school.

These included a beach view of Double Island Point, a rainbow bee-eater, and our school logo. We are very happy with the result and believe his artwork adds vibrancy to our school culture and environment.

Finally, we are busy planning for the Graduation Dinner, the school Christmas Concert, Learn to Swim sessions, excursions and other end of year events.  We look forward to sharing some of these occasions with our Rainbow Beach community in the coming weeks.

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