Dragons Take A Long Paddle

 The long paddle crews (Cooloola and Hervey Bay Dragon Boat Clubs)

The long paddle crews (Cooloola and Hervey Bay Dragon Boat Clubs)

The Long Paddle

The Cooloola Dragon Boat Club was joined by 13 members of the Hervey Bay Dragon Boat Club on Sunday 7 May for the ‘long paddle’. Both Cooloola Dragon Boats were used with 13 Hervey Bay club members paddling in Stamina and the local crew paddling in Ceratodus.

The aim of the long paddle is for the crews to increase their endurance on the water. The goal was to paddle to the area known as the ‘Power Lines’ (this is where power lines cross the waterway). There is a small beach at the location and the crews paused there to have a picnic morning tea.  The views from the beach show off one of the many beautiful Tin Can Bay locations.

After the picnic the Cooloola Dragon crew headed back for home at Snapper Creek while the Hervey Bay team continued to paddle while practising turns and sprints.

Many of the Hervey Bay crew are soon off to Western Australia for the annual 55 km dragon boat marathon on the Ord River. As a practice for this event, the crew paddled a total of 22 kms. The Cooloola Dragons posted an impressive 12 kms.

Both teams were hoping to see aquatic wildlife such as turtles and dolphins. Despite the fact that dolphins had been spotted in the area a day or so before the paddle, none showed up. The most significant wildlife observation was a dingo that was swimming right in the middle of the waterway.  Discretion being the better part of his/her valour, the dingo paddled away not wanting to confront two boats full of dragons.

Hervey Bay’s steerer, Ebony, is renowned for her wacky hairstyles.  As the accompanying photo shows, she didn’t disappoint this time.

The National Titles

As you may remember four members of the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club packed their bags and paddles and headed for the National Dragon Boat Championships in Wodonga. CDBC Head Coach Sandra went to serve as the Central Regional Queensland Team Manager and then remained to help run the event.

The three paddlers (Lyn, Kerri, and Michelle) crewed as members of the Central Regional Queensland Team. Being National Titles, the races were hotly contested and although our crew performed very well, they were unfortunately unable to bring away any titles or trophies. Better luck next time!

Cooloola Boat Dragon Boat 20th Anniversary

A reminder to all past and present CDBC members: the 20th anniversary celebrations will be held on 1 July 2023. Unfortunately, due to uncontrollable and unforeseen events, the actual details of the evening are still to be confirmed.

For the latest available information on this important celebration, please contact Club Secretary Elaine on elaine.dimock@bigpond.com.

Don’t forget the third Saturday of every month when the Dragon’s Lair Café is open to serve delicious goodies while the Tin Can Bay Markets are in full swing.

Toni Archer

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