Do you have an emergency plan?

CCCLDMSG Emergency KitCooloola Coast Community Local Disaster Management Support Group meet every three months to inform our community of the disasters/emergencies that can impact us all on the coast.  Your emergency plan needs to include everyone in your household and you need to practice your plan so you all know what to do if an emergency occurs.  It is also important to ensure your home, contents and car insurance are current and cover everything adequately.

Have you prepared your Emergency Kit?  Discuss your Emergency kit with everyone as well so you all know what items are included in your kit and where it is kept.

Our next  Support Group meeting is on March 7 at 9.30am at the Cooloola Cove Community & Vets Hall which is where our office is situated.  Contact Terry Steele on 0439 862 264 or Jill Press on 5486 2843 and see us on  Why don’t you come along and see how we can help you to be prepared.

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