Youngsters set sail

A four day "Discover Sailing" was held in the school holidays Image Julie Hartwig

A four day “Discover Sailing” was held in the school holidays Image Julie Hartwig

The January Junior Sailing Course had 10 attendees (one under six along for the ride), this was down in numbers from the September event (15), there were a couple of new faces, most were repeats.

There was only one with a Cooloola address. Others travelled from Gympie, Brisbane, Cooroy and Mackay; most were staying with grandparents over Christmas.

The kids all enjoyed their time on the water, with many experiencing the art of capsizing, or should I say, learning the correct way to right the boat after a capsize.

During the first couple of days the safety boat was busy picking up kids from the water; but after day three most righted the vessel without the assistance of the safety boat crew. One grandad was heard to say “at last a light bulb moment”.

Thanks to all the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club volunteers, without whom these events would not happen, there were four different safety boat drivers over the four days (trained through Sailability TCB), five Instructors (trained by “Australian Sailing”, formally Yachting Australia), and other helpers, mums, grandparents, etc.

We have one booking for next January, who could not make it this year.

Next Discover Sailing Course: TBA February to April 2017

TCBYC Racing Results

  • 2017 Summer Race to Start Boat M. McAndrew in Topaz
  • Summer Series Division 1 Race 1: P. Shaw Flying Fish, Race 2: D. Lehany in Tri
  • Summer Series Division 2 Race 1: M. McAndrew in Topaz, Race 2: M. McAndrew in Topaz

Enquiries to TCBYC Sail Training Co-Ordinator, Jon Jones: 0408 472 187.

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