WAGS for the Yacht Club

Remember the school holiday sailing program is coming up!

Remember the school holiday sailing program is coming up!

Winter is not over yet, but the winter sprint series has finished and the spring series of racing has started.

The sprint series consists of several short races, about 4-6 depending on wind and is designed for sailors to practice their starts ready for the next series.

In addition to the winter series the YC has been running WAGS. What is WAGS you may ask? Well WAGS, is an acronym with varied meanings and the G thingy, as always, seems to be the point of contention.

So, Wednesday Afternoon Good Sailing, Go Sailing, Genteel Sailing or even Gentleman’s Sailing whatever you like, is a fun Wednesday afternoon sail. The event is held by most yacht clubs in Australia and Tin Can Bay Yacht Club is no exception.

WAGS at TCBYC has a great format with a pursuit start in the creek out to the yellow at T bar and back to finish outside the clubhouse. The race can be taken as seriously or as casual as anyone wishes.

In a recent race one boat was noticed doing several circumnavigations of the yellow mark whilst waiting for other yachts to catch up. Although the fleets are small at the moment they will certainly grow as the weather warms up.

WAGS is open to any sailing vessel with start time based on design and skills. It is planned to get a weekly start time sheet emailed out with all member’s boat start time listed, so everyone knows when to hit the water.

Cheers Everybody and Second Safari are the nominated rescue boats and will stay in the water until all boats are safely back in the creek, or head back out to assist any boats back to the club with a tow due to the wind dropping out, for example.

WAGS is also a great way to introduce non-sailors or visitors to our fantastic sport, with most boats welcoming visitors aboard for the ride (when they have room of course).

After the afternoon on the water, crew head back to the club to quench their thirst, test the products of the new pizza oven or stay for a meal, and the first crew over the line is presented with a fine bottle of wine, currently sponsored by John M.

The YC is looking forward to seeing the fleet of WAGS grow.

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