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Check out the Gym at the Sports Club and say hi to our newest local, Shane Johnson

Check out the Gym at the Sports Club and say hi to our newest local, Shane Johnson

After managing a large gym in Karratha in WA and eight years in the industry, Shane Johnson has moved to Rainbow Beach to manage the new gym. We ask Shane a few questions about the new position…

What attracted you to the role?

Initially a sea change as it was the amazing location and opportunity to manage a gym from its grass roots. However, once I met with Rick and the team at the Sports Club I was totally hooked. Everyone I have met in town so far have been warm and friendly.

Why is the new facility so good?

Open 24 hours per day, the facilities and equipment are first class with over $300,000 being spent on the building and equipment. We have a huge variety of both cardio and pin-loaded machines, a power rack, smith machine, plate-loaded machines, a stretch cage and a full range of free weights.

What sessions are available?

As well as personal training, small group training (like PT but in a fun team) aims to get people of all ages leaner, fitter and stronger in a shorter period of time. Classes for beginners to advanced are on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am and bookings are essential.

When you become a member, goal setting, orientation and a free program make sure you have an easy transition into the gym.

Can you assist with rehab?

Yes, we can help with both injury prevention and recovery. We also have access to an exercise physiologist if required.

And future plans?

Crossfit type training will include box jumps, bumper plates, prowler, battle ropes and more.

Call Shane on 5486-8451 to get you started on a healthier lifestyle.

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