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Xaiya and Coral show off the Vegepods’ abundant harvest

Xaiya and Coral show off the Vegepods’ abundant harvest

Spring has already sprung in the school’s garden after the recent spell of warmer weather with bean and pea seedlings planted only a few weeks ago already producing.

Each class made a wish list of their favourite veggies and has planted out their own garden bed with a variety of seedlings including corn, broccoli, onions, carrots and beetroot.

The Vegepods are working marvellously with tomatoes, peas, lettuce and baby spinach flourishing. Our native bees have settled in well and are busy looking for pollen to take back to their hive.

Over the last eight weeks, Grade 1 students have been involved in the Kindness Club under the guidance of Chappy Ronnie, and have learned that showing kindness in the school, their families and their community is really important and as easy as sharing a smile.

They also made chocolate chip bickies to give away to someone who they were grateful for, shared specially-scented glittery playdough with someone who needed cheering up and made thank-you cards for people who don’t always get thanked, like Mr Bennett and Tangles, the school cleaner.

The last session was a party in the garden and students brought along their favourite food to share, which ended up being mostly cupcakes that were delicious!

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