Sailing Into 2023

SPORT TCBYCThe penultimate sailing race for Tin Can Bay Yacht Club was held on 3 December in blustery, squally south east winds 10-20 knots with wind over tide which lent to a wet and wild ride. Seven sailors toughed it out for 3 races with places changing in each race.

The last race of the year was 18 December followed by the Christmas party. Racing starts again on 15 January.

There will be sail training events during the school holidays for adults and children, dates depending on weather. For more information, contact Russell 0405 063 894 or Kay 0447 631 479.

Wednesday afternoon social sails continue and all are welcome to come and try sailing. Meet at the Yacht Club around 1pm.

Salty Dog Talk: ever wondered where some sayings come from?

POSH: A popular theory is that the word ‘posh’ comes from the fact that the letters POSH were printed on 1st class passenger tickets traveling to India from the UK in the days of British rule. Wealthy passengers booked a cabin on the port side outward bound and the starboard side coming home. Port out, Starboard home.

Happy New Year to everyone and here’s to a great year of sailing.

Kay Muir

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