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President of the School P & C Jed Elmer congratulating Tessia’s and James Fitzgerald. James sold his own drawings to raise money for the schools P & C.

President of the School P & C Jed Elmer congratulating Tessia’s and James Fitzgerald.
James sold his own drawings to raise money for the schools P & C.

We would like to share some exciting news for our school. The Queensland Government has announced a new pilot program called KindyLinQ.

We are thrilled to have been chosen as a pilot site for the KindyLinQ program, as our community values early childhood education and the critical role families play in nurturing children’s early learning and development.

Our KindyLinQ program will provide a safe, supported space for families in our local community to come together with their children to play and learn.

We want to give all children a great start by helping develop their skills as a confident learner. The play-based nature of KindyLinQ is perfect for young children. It enables them to explore, create, socialise and participate in different experiences.

Families with three-year-olds will be welcome to register for KindyLinQ. The program will be available for six hours a week across two or three days. Importantly, KindyLinQ is free for families. It is supported by the State Government through the Department of Education.

The school has been funded for a teacher and a community liaison officer to support this program. I am currently working through the logistics of staffing KindylinQ.

There will always be press, both positive and negative, about new initiatives from governments, but in the end it is a great opportunity for our young children and parents to engage in the ‘play and learn’ nature of this program, when Rainbow Beach doesn’t necessarily offer other similar opportunities.

For any further information please contact the school.

Parent/teacher information sessions

In my opinion, parent and teacher information sessions are one of the most important meetings that occur throughout the year. During this session, you have the opportunity to discuss your child’s academic, social and emotional development after one year’s instruction from the teacher. It is important that these conversations are open and honest, so everyone is on the same page for our children’s development. I encourage you to take the time to sit with your child’s teacher to engage in this process.


Over the next four weeks, I will be planning how 2020 will look both strategically and operationally. This planning will be undertaken using indicative student numbers for 2020 and as always, final plans will be in place after Day 8 of 2020. State schools are resourced according to the number of students enrolled at the school on Day 8 and class compositions are heavily influenced by these numbers.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and new year.

Dan Stanieg

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