Rainbow Beach SES needs your help

Ray King, Mark Lawler and John Missen call for more SES volunteers

Ray King, Mark Lawler and John Missen call for more SES volunteers

by Mark Lawler, Group Leader, Rainbow Beach SES, 0427 033 160

Rainbow Beach SES is in need of volunteers. Over the past few years, numbers have dropped. We are now at the point where we rely on Tin Can Bay to provide numbers for anything more than a very simple situation. In a larger emergency, TCB would be busy with their own problems and couldn’t provide help.  If something major does happen, it’s important to have a core of trained people in Rainbow Beach.

Joining the SES is quite simple. There are a few forms to fill in, and a criminal history check has to be done. After attending training for a three month probationary period, you’re a member. The training requirements aren’t that onerous – the basics can be covered in a few hours.

Ongoing commitments are also fairly simple. We meet twice a month (normally for an hour or so) for equipment maintenance and updating. If you want to do further training, it’s available. If you want spend your weekends helping at events around the South East, it can be arranged.

The amount of time spent on SES duties is really up to you. The tasks you do are up to you as well – if you don’t like heights, no one is going to make you climb a ladder. You’ll be valued for whatever you can contribute.

Rainbow Beach SES needs you. If you have some time to help out in your community (and think you’d look good in orange), why not give it a try? We meet on the first and last Thursday of each month at 7pm. Anyone interested is welcome to come along and see what we do. If you’d like to hear more, please contact me.



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