Expect to see police anywhere, anytime

Senior Constable Darren Hewitt on 

Operation Uniform Easter commenced at midnight on Friday, April 1 and concludes at midnight on Easter Monday, April 18.

Police are pleading with motorists to take extra care these Easter holidays as there will be increased traffic on our roads and beaches over this period.

You can expect to see police anywhere, anytime.

Officers will be conducting roadside operations and patrolling our roads and beaches conducting roadside breath and drug tests to promote road safety and reduce road trauma.

Police are reminding motorists that all road rules apply on the beach and to drive with extra care and consideration for all users of the beach.

Police will be patrolling our local beaches including Teewah Beach, Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach, and Noosa North Shore, targeting reckless, unsafe, and irresponsible driving practices on the beaches, in the tracks or in the campgrounds to ensure a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Travelling can mean driving on unfamiliar roads and through a variety of environments and weather, so police are urging motorists that whether you are driving on a road, beach, on an inland track or in the campgrounds these Easter holidays day or night-time, ensure you drive to the conditions.

We know everyone is eager to get to their holiday destination and we are urging all motorists to be patient, plan your journey properly and take every step possible to arrive at your destination safely.

Everyone has somewhere to be, don’t let a frustrated moment put you, your passengers and other road users at risk.

Please remember the Fatal Five whether you are driving on a road, beach, on an inland track or in campgrounds.

  • Do not speed, stick to the speed limit.
  • Do not drive affected by drugs or alcohol, have a designated driver.
  • Wear your seatbelt, it should be second nature as soon as you get into a vehicle.
  • Do not drive fatigued, take breaks every two hours.
  • Avoid distractions whilst driving, do not take your eyes off the road to look at your phone.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, but it starts with you.

Every decision you make behind the wheel this Easter holidays, counts.

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