Rainbow Beach Fishing Report December 2015

John from Brisbane caught snapper with his line

John from Brisbane caught snapper with his line

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Tony Stewart. 54868666.


Baitrunner has had numerous offshore trips over the last month but the run of ordinary weather has continued with most weekends being cancelled. The season seems earlier this year with a lot of rainfall during our normal dry season. It has rained right through our winter months. Our normal run of strong north westerly winds has not eventuated and hopefully they won’t, but we have certainly had plenty of southeasters.

Catches have been reasonable considering the conditions, as we have also encountered the seasonal northerly currents on most trips. Our main catch over the last month would be pearl perch followed by Moses perch and trag jew. A few good snapper have been landed,  but most have been squirey. Other species have been Maori cod, sweetlip, hussar and gold spot wrasse.

If anyone would like a voucher for a Christmas present, they are printed and available and can be emailed, posted or picked up.  This business will shut after the January  holidays for normal maintenance during cyclone season. The owner will also be out of action for a couple of months for some medical attention for his eyes.

Due to the above circumstance this business will be for sale next month. ‘Til next month good fishing and stay safe.

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