When your boat breaks down

A vessel broken down off Rainbow Beach helped by the Coastguard

A vessel broken down off Rainbow Beach helped by the Coastguard

Do you have a plan if you are out on your boat but cannot get home? Maybe you have just run out of fuel, flat battery, or something more serious. You may have suffered damage to your engine, had a fire or be taking on water. What if you are sick or injured, and cannot operate your vessel?

We at Coastguard see all of these scenarios and more on a regular basis, and we are probably the first option to call when you need help. If it is safe to do so, we will come to your aid, assist you however possible, and we will seek to recover our costs in the form of a donation.

Better still, you can have the peace of mind that comes with being a Marine Assist Member. It is just like being with the RACQ while driving your vehicle. From just $65 p.a. for inshore cover and $115 p.a. for offshore cover, you can access our services free of charge, and be towed back to your local ramp, whether it is Tin Can Bay, Carlo Point or Bullock Point (conditions apply).

Your membership is not only good insurance if you do have issues on the water, but also helps keep our services available. Most people do not know that our volunteer members have to raise 75% of our operating costs. We do this in addition to donating our time to keep the radio operations room going and crews trained and ready for search and rescue operations.

Our primary rescue vessel Cooloola Rescue 3 costs $200 per hour to run, with her 520 horsepower engines using up to 80 litres of diesel an hour. Every 100 hours, we have to bring a Volvo-trained mechanic from the Sunshine Coast to service the motors. We do this to ensure the vessel is ready and reliable to respond to calls for help.

If you would like to join our Marine Assist program, or renew your lapsed membership, please call the base on 5486 4290 and we will send out the forms. Remember, if you find that you never need us to rescue you, the money you have given us will have helped dozens of people in trouble.

Be safe on the water, and we’ll see you out there.

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