QCWA wants your bras!

QCWA wants your bras! Over shoulder boulder holder, titty tent, knocker locker, balloon cocoon, flopper stopper, breast nest or jugger lugger – no matter what you call ‘em the Tin Can Bay QCWA Branch is after all types and conditions of bras for a PNG International project.

“This will be an ongoing project over the coming months so if you have a few unwanted brassieres in the back of the drawer we’ll be happy to take them off your hands,” said President Jess Milne.

“Bras just have to be clean and in reasonable condition, a little stretched is OK as the some recipients aren’t used to wearing new tight-fitting undergarments and appreciate the comfort of a worn-in strapped supporter.”

Donations can be made directly to the branch on a Craft, HOY or meeting day, otherwise contact Jess Milne on 0411 218 254 to make an arrangement.

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