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QCWA members and guest at our recent Trinidad and Tobago Lunch

QCWA members and guest at our recent Trinidad and Tobago Lunch

The members and a guest who attended our monthly meeting in May were treated to a Trinidad and Tobago themed lunch. The dual island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is this year’s QCWA Country of Study.

A nation’s cuisine makes up a large part of its culture and our insight into this was achieved by trying some of their very different foods. The menu consisted of trini corn soup with crusty bread, beef pelau with rice followed by sweet potato pone for dessert. The recipes were taken from the QCWA Country Kitchens Trinidad and Tobago recipe books.

It was very interesting to try these different foods and the lunch was enjoyed by all. Thank you to those involved in putting the luncheon together and to the members who attended the meeting.

QCWA Country Kitchens Facilitators Gabriella and Wendy, with assistance from branch members Judith, Dawn, and Robyn have been presenting Country Kitchens Workshops with the students of the Tin Can Bay P-10 State School. This is a series of five workshops focusing on the Basics of Cooking.

These sessions are hands-on workshops and the students learn about health and nutrition whilst learning to cook. The students are taught the importance of cleanliness, knife skills, how to follow recipes and carry out measurements, and most of all how to clean up after themselves.  These workshops encourage students to be more self-sufficient and enable them to learn a very important life skill.

QCWA Country Kitchens is a health promotion program funded by the Department of Health and Wellbeing and it is run in collaboration with the QCWA to promote healthier lifestyle choices within our communities.

The Country Kitchens Team, which consists of dietitians and nutritionists, have put together different types of workshops. They are also responsible for training any QCWA member who chooses to become a CK Facilitator. With this knowledge and with the support of the CK Team, the CK Facilitator can then promote this program within their own community.

More information about the QCWA Country Kitchens Workshops can be found online at qcwacountrykitchens.com.au or by contacting Gabriella via: www.facebook.com/qcwa.tcb

Sessions can be for adults or children, if anyone is interested Gabriella is more than willing to arrange workshops.

A shout out to those of our members who have made a huge number of the following items that have been donated to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and to the Gympie Hospital – premmie baby beanies, baby blankets, teddies, icy pole covers, and also blankets and beanies  to the Gympie Homeless – blankets and beanies. Your contribution is very much appreciated by the many recipients of your endeavours.


10am on Tuesday 18 July 2023 at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.


1st and 2nd Wednesday of the month, 10am to Noon at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.

Come along for craft, cuppa and a chat for only $2 which includes a lovely morning tea and a ticket in a prize draw.


2nd Monday of the month 9:30am at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.


Cooloola Coast Bowls Club, 4 Amity Place, Tin Can Bay. 3rd Wednesday of the month 9:30am for a 10am start.

All Enquiries Wendy – 0412 547 043 or Judy – 0402 769 392.

Gabriella Field

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