‘People to People’ loved Rainbow Beach

The Carlo Sandblow tour from QPWS Ranger, Grant Phelan

The Carlo Sandblow tour from QPWS Ranger, Grant Phelan

Once again, Rainbow Beach has provided a delightful Aussie experience for People to People – this time Philadelphia Chapter students. Organiser Carolyn Elder has received fabulous comments already, “We have had some really positive feedback on not only how much the students loved their only Aussie homestay but from the leaders as well on what a great experience this was. We were praised on the efforts of our BBQ, the community spirit and the beautiful part of the world we are lucky enough to call home.”

Students stopped over in Rainbow Beach on their way down the Queensland coast. Fresh from Cairns and snorkelling on the reef near Rockhampton, they were happy to be out of the coach to meet their host families and relax with a home cooked dinner.

Their day was full of activities run by the school which took in beach, surf awareness from the Surf Club, and sandblow with a game of barefoot bowls and lunch thanks to the Sports Club. There was some family time before everyone got together at the community hall for a huge BBQ dinner, game of football and song from the Americans.

It was the 12 and 13 year old student’s only opportunity to socialise with an Australian family, and Rainbow Beach pulled out all stops to make it a good one – with parents and the extended community housing students for the two nights.

There were pavlovas, lamingtons, anzac biscuits, lamb roasts and snags devoured – but the tim tams seemed to be most popular! Questions were bandied back and forth as students had a chance to get to know each other.

Carolyn was grateful to Marni, Dee and Andy, “who stepped in to help me due to a family crisis.” Thanks were given back to Carolyn who organised the event and her wedding almost simultaneously, and hosted five students – whilst still on crutches!

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the effort they made for the American Students for 2014. Every parent who made a salad, washed a dish or cooked the BBQ… Thank you. It was a wonderful team effort and reflects positively on our school community.”

“We have already been told that leader Jeremy, who was tagging along on this trip, will be back next year with a group of his own. So if you are interested in participating next year please let me know and we can start thinking of ways we can improve the experience for the children.”

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