Meet a Volunteer

Jo-Anne Robertson (second from left) is pictured helping out

Jo-Anne Robertson (second from left) is pictured helping out

Organisation name: Cooloola Coastcare

Full name: Jo-Anne Robertson

Your Role: Secretary

How many hours a week or month? Five hours a week

What you like about volunteering: Helping to save our environment for our children and working with the community

How long have you lived on the Cooloola Coast? 16 years

Other jobs/roles (last job or current job): RSL and support staff for Cooloola Coast Bowls Club

Your hobbies: Walking my dog, fishing and camping

Other clubs/community groups you belong to: RSL

Favourite movie: Thrillers

Favourite book: Dan Brown novels

Favourite spot on the coast? Snapper Creek

Why would you encourage others to come on board? To help protect the beautiful environment we have around us.

Organisation hours/contact details/website: Monday to Friday



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