Dead Parrots Society

Raewyn Oliver holding the dead parrot, the mascot of the local writer's group

Raewyn Oliver holding the dead parrot, the mascot of the local writer’s group

by Raewyn Oliver, Publicity Officer, 0412 995512

The Tin Can Bay Writers Group recently had a name change and is now called The Dead Parrots Society of Tin Can Bay. The name is in recognition of the sad passing of Robin Williams, of The Dead Poets Society movie.

We have all been working very hard on refining our writing skills, with new members joining recently who all bring a new perspective on the task of writing for profit and/or pleasure.

Several members are published authors already, and are always willing to share their knowledge and insight with those of us who have yet to climb that hurdle.

We have loosely styled our fortnightly meetings as workshops and exercises; the current exercise being to create a series of short stories, that we can build into a novella.

Each of us will have to create our own back-story, scenes and characters, and put them together. Then we will have quite a body of work from each one of us that we can jointly publish or not!

Our mascot for the new name is a glorious pottery piece, which seems far from ‘Dead’! We are still meeting the first and third Thursdays of the month at the TCB Library, 9.30am til 11.30. New members are most welcome.

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