Plant of the Month: Westringia

City Farm - Westringia fruticosa is a known as Coastal Rosemary and is a hardy all rounder

Westringia fruticosa is a known as Coastal Rosemary and is a hardy all rounder

The first Plant of the Month 2021 is “Westringia”, (commonly known as “Coastal Rosemary”) of which there are four varieties available.

‘W. variegated’, a bushy shrub to 1.5mtrs with white flowers; ‘W. fruticosa’, a bushy shrub to 1.5mtrs with purple flowers; ‘W.brevifolia silver’ which is a ground cover growing 1.5mtrs X 60cms with a showing of white flowers and ‘W. Wynyabbie Gem’, a bushy shrub to 2.5mtrs with lavender flowers.

All of these varieties enjoy growing in many situations including, wet or dry, sun or part shade. This plant is a hardy all rounder, loved by birds and butterflies adding colour to your garden when other plants are not flowering.

They can be grown as a hedge, or used for topiary or bonsai. The Westringia benefits from regular tip pruning to keep them compact and four monthly applications of a slow release fertiliser for natives.

City Farm will reopen to the public on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. We would like to reiterate also that we are a cash-only organisation.

The volunteers at City Farm Nursery would like to take this opportunity in wishing all our customers a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2021.

We do realise that Covid-19 is still going to be ever present in our lives, but we at City Farm are trying our best to live within the boundaries.

City Farm Nursery, opposite the Community Centre on Tin Can Bay Road is open Tuesday to Thursdays 8am – 3pm. Contact:  07 5486 2304,

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