Cooloola City Farm Archive

Treat dunes with respect: by Cooloola City Farm Rainbow Beach has been severely damaged by the
Do you need a ground cover?: Ground covers are a living mulch. They have similar benefits to mulch,
Cooloola City Farm: City Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin Can Bay Road, is
City Farm recommend Myrtles: Many of Australia’s best-known plants come from the Family Myrtaceae – the
Climbing plants at City Farm: Climbing plants do not have strong stems, so in shaded places they
City Farm talks lilies: Crinum lilies are not really lilies, but are bulbous perennial herbs with
Choose a Cooloola City Farm creeper: Fraser Island creeper, or Pink Trumpet vine (Tecomanthe hillii) is endemic to
City Farm welcomes a new change to make plant selection easier: The City Farm shop is undergoing a small change that we think
Choose a Melaleuca: Coral Johnson Melaleucas are a distinctly Australian species from the same family
Cooloola City Farm is overstocked with Leptospermums!: We have tubes of Leptospermum liversidgei, polygalifolium, speciosum and whitei for sale