Cooloola City Farm Archive

Plant of the Month – Acacia Sophorae – Coastal Wattle: Acacia sophorae, commonly known as coastal wattle, is found in coastal and
City Farm Plant of the Month – Native Gardenia – February 2022: This month we have the Native Gardenia (Atractocarpus fitzalanii) on offer. This
Plant of the Month: Purple bush pea: Our Plant of the Month is the “Hovea acutifolia”, commonly known as
Plant of the Month: Westringia: The first Plant of the Month 2021 is “Westringia”, (commonly known as
Merry Christmas from City Farm Nursery: The City Farm ‘Plant of the Month’ is “Pandorea jasminoides rosea”, commonly
Join us at the City Farm AGM: Our Plant of the Month for November 2020 is “Chrysocephalum apiculatum”, commonly
Good news for City Farm: Cooloola City Farm Nurseries is a not-for-profit nursery growing Australian Native plants,
Eggs and Bacon at City Farm: Our plant of the month is “Aotus ericoides”, commonly known as Golden
Two for the price of one at City Farm Nursery: This month City Farm has “Melaleuca Salicina” going on sale with two
Wild May enjoys full sun: Whilst City Farm has been in lockdown due to COVID-19, our wonderful