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Year 4 students Xander Murphy, Sarah Gray, Harmonie Milesi, Lauren Lewis and Grace Reeves were checking out the P&C’s Book Show

Year 4 students Xander Murphy, Sarah Gray, Harmonie Milesi, Lauren Lewis and Grace Reeves were checking out the P&C’s Book Show

by Principal Desley Kirby, Tin Can Bay P-10 State School

Did you know? Research shows that in Queensland, higher student attendance at school is associated, on average, with higher student achievement.

Why is regular attendance at school important? Regular school attendance will mean that your child has a better chance in life. Children who go to school all day every day:  learn better, make friends, are happier and have a brighter future.

Why must I send my child to school? Under Queensland law, you must make sure your child of school age is enrolled and attends school all day, every school day unless they have an acceptable reason. Illness, doing work experience or competing in a school sporting event are acceptable reasons for being absent from school.

Principals decide if the reason given for your child’s absence is acceptable.

Avoid keeping your child away from school for: birthdays, shopping,  visiting family and friends, looking after other children, minor check-ups or care such as haircuts.

Are you having problems getting your child to school for some of these reasons?

  • won’t get out of bed in the morning
  • slow to eat breakfast
  • hasn’t done their homework
  • won’t go to bed at night
  • watching TV
  • have a test or presentation to do, have an assignment to hand in
  • can’t find their uniform, books, school bag.

If so, a set routine can help by having a:

  • set time to go to bed, get out of bed, for daily homework activities and starting and finishing breakfast
  • uniform and school bag ready the night before
  • firm approach
  • rule to speak about school positively.

Send your child to school every school day including their birthday and the last day of term!

What should I do if my child won’t go to school?  You should contact us as soon as possible for advice and support. Our school staff works hard to develop positive relationships with our families and are always there to assist families working with us to make a difference for their child.

Auskick  –  The Auskick Program will commence in Term 2.

Chaplaincy News   

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program gives participants a range of practical strategies to help make parenting more enjoyable.

The group is being facilitated by Chappy Ronnie and the parents attending are gaining new insights into why children act as they do and how their behaviour can be changed. Triple P helps you:

  • Raise happy, confident kids
  • Encourage behaviour you like
  • Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • Take care of yourself as a parent
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Feel confident you’re doing the right thing.

There are other options to access the helpful positive parenting strategies provided by Triple P, including an online eight-module course you do whenever, wherever you want, or you can call the Triple P Parentline on 1300 30 1300 for the cost of a local call, seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm.

If you would like to enrol in the next parenting group which will start on Wednesday May 3 and run for four weeks, reserve your place by contacting Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867 or email:  ronniet@chappy.org.au

For more information about Triple P, hop on the website at www.triplep-parenting.net.au

P&C news   

On Tuesday, April 18, the P&C are holding their meeting. Families are always encouraged to become involved in the P&C as a great way to communicate and work in partnership with the school.  Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the School’s admin office.

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