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InskipHere is the Inskip Master Plan article below, it was released after the paper was printed. We also noted the pamphlet distributed locally did not include the meeting details:

Departmental representatives will be available to answer any questions on Saturday, 12 April:
Time: 9am to 4pm
Venue: Rainbow Beach Tourist Information Centre, 8 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach.

A newsletter is being delivered to local residents to advise them of the current status of the project and invite them to have their say on the project.

If you would like to find out more information:
    Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
    Email inskip@dsdip.qld.gov.au


Inskip Peninsula draft plan released for comment

The Queensland Government is seeking community feedback on the draft Inskip Peninsula master plan designed to assist the region reach its full tourism potential.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said the draft plan delivers on the government’s commitment to grow the tourism pillar of the Queensland economy by identifying development opportunities and infrastructure necessary to support development in the region.

“After working with key stakeholders and council, the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning is releasing for public comment two options for the Inskip Peninsula draft master plan,” Mr Seeney said.

“The draft master plan is not a detailed design, rather it provides a planning vision covering possible tourism, conservation and residential development opportunities.

“I acknowledge Inskip Peninsula and its surrounds are widely recognised for their unique natural and environmental values, however we do not want to see a repeat of the past where under Labor the region was locked up.

“The previous government refused the Rainbow Shores Stage Two development proposal and the Planning and Environment Court subsequently dismissed the proponent’s appeal.

“Since then, the community has not had development certainty and consequently building approvals are down and business confidence has lagged. 

“I am confident we can plan for a prosperous future for Inskip Peninsula in a way that is considerate of existing residents and the environment.”

Inskip Peninsula is part of the great Sandy Region comprising Fraser Island, the Cooloola Sandmass, Noosa North Shore and the waters of Hervey Bay and Great Sandy Strait and covers about 840,000 hectares.

Two options of the draft Inskip Peninsula master plan have been released for public comment. Option one has planned a possible golf course residential development in town, whereas option two has it potentially located further north.

“Importantly, the plan has mapped out existing infrastructure, such as sewerage, road and powerlines and has drafted ways to consolidate development around existing infrastructure,” Mr Seeney said.

“Previous land use planning work has informed the development of the master plan options that will manage growth in and around Rainbow Beach.

“I encourage the community to view the draft master plan and attend a ‘Meet the Planner’ day my department is running at the Rainbow Beach Tourist Information Centre on 12 April.”

Member for Gympie David Gibson said he welcomed the release of the draft master plan.

“Despite some doomsayers saying the town was ‘closed for business’ after the Rainbow Shores decision, it was clear from the community meeting that I chaired last June that there was strong community support for a master plan for Rainbow Beach,” Mr Gibson said.

“While each of us has our own vision of what Rainbow Beach should be like, it was clear that there were common themes to what the region should build upon and that the master planning process would provide certainty for Rainbow Beach.

“This plan, once it’s been worked through with the community, will ensure best practice land use principles are formed for development of the region.

“This will result in development that is good for the community, good for the environment and good for the region’s economy.

“I want to thank the Deputy Premier for listening to my community and providing us with an opportunity to be involved the master planning process.”

Community members have until 9 May to make a submission on the plan. To view the plan visit www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/inskip

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