Follow the yellow flower road

Follow the yellow flower roadWe all know it’s coming into warmer weather when sections of the Tin Can Bay Road break out into a blanket of yellow. While the spectacular golden carpet backdropped by the deep green forest is a joy to drive by, unfortunately the Coreopsis lanceolate; or commonly known as Lanceleaf Tickseed because their seeds look like ticks, is not native to Australia and is considered an invasive exotic species.

But they do make for a blooming bee-utiful sight!

Lanceleaf Tickseed are drought tolerant, long-blooming and happy to grow in poor, sandy or rocky soil. Their widespread coverage has most likely been aided with seed dispersal along the roadside by mowing activities, wind, water and whatever eats them. They are part of the sunflower family and this would explain their visual beauty when out in bloom.

If you are wanting to get a happy snap amongst the flowers then be mindful of where you park and keep an eye out for anything that may be underneath so you don’t get a surprise!

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