Dine on the waterfront at Carlo Point

Introducing Jillian Palakal from Foods Sans Borders at Carlo Point

Introducing Jillian Palakal from Foods Sans Borders at Carlo Point

by Barb Rees

Meet Jillian Palakal, owner and chef at Food Sans Borders at Carlo Point.

After visiting in 2015, Jillian fell in love with our piece of paradise and dreamt of one day settling here.

His busy life at the Gold Coast took over and his dream was forgotten. One day while looking to buy a restaurant he stumbled upon an ad for Carlo Point and it was irresistible.

“The sunset was what won me over,” says Jillian. “After deciding to move, a friend reminded me of my words two years ago!”

How has business been? “Pretty good, it fluctuates, maybe people don’t know we are here yet, but it is slowly improving,” adds Jillian.

“We cater for everyone, we have Mexican, Italian, Greek, Seafood and Indian – food without borders!”

The ‘we’ is Jillian and his new wife Anju, who is juggling studying podiatry and running the restaurant, not an easy feat.

Jillian’s aim is to please the customer, “It’s not what I want but what the customer wants. I am keeping the restaurant BYO, and I have introduced home delivery which is going well,” he laughs.  “We have a regular who rings up at least once a week!

“We are hoping to get a few weddings here, I have my first one in October. It is a great place to have a wedding… that view!”

If passion and enthusiasm are part of the recipe for success, this new restaurant is going to be a hit.

Do yourself a flavour and give it a go, I can vouch for the simple but tasty fare… next time the Belgian waffles have my name on them!

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