Community Resilience Project Update

Community Resilience Project Summary 2022Did you take part in the recent survey for the vision for Rainbow Beach? Here is a brief summary of some of the data.

But if you missed taking part it is not too late – the survey will be followed up with workshops in September. The more people involved the better for the future of our town.

This survey was the first in a series of activities aiming to build community resilience in Rainbow Beach. This project is part of Audrey Cetois’ PhD project at the University of Queensland, using a framework developed by CSIRO which focuses on supporting community organisations and resilience building.

Audrey Cetois has a Masters in Sustainable Energy. Her PHD project is looking at what the components of a resilient community are, using Rainbow Beach as a case study. Since November 2021, Audrey has spoken with members of our Associations and Local representatives.

Audrey’s work aims to create a Community based leadership and our Association is proud to be a part of it. Stay tuned for more information about future activities.

CIRS Inc Association T/A Rainbow Beach Community Centre

Read the summary here

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