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With a show of pink, the school staff raised cash to prevent cancer Image supplied

With a show of pink, the school staff raised cash to prevent cancer Image supplied

After a successful all schools Triathlon, this term is still packed with important events: Awards Night, Remembrance Day and the Community BBQ. On assembly I reminded students that despite the busy calendar, their focus this term needs to remain on positive choices, participation in learning and strong attendance.

Last month, Year 9 students visited the Ration Shed Museum at Cherbourg. Cherbourg Mission functioned as a resettlement mission, whereby Aboriginal peoples from all over Queensland were removed from their homeland and placed at Cherbourg under strict conditions for work, travel and interaction.

Students were shown around the facility by Aboriginal Elders, and were given an insight into both the history and purpose of the Cherbourg Mission, and most importantly the impact of this forced displacement. Our students must be commended for the respectful way in which they engaged with this experience.

The annual awards evening will be held on Tuesday November 22. As in previous years, students will be eligible for Academic Excellence and Academic Achievement awards. This year, a new award has been added to also acknowledge those students who display appropriate effort and behaviour in their classrooms.

Swimming Lessons

This term’s focus is water familiarisation and stroke assistance during HPE lessons. This will run for six weeks. Students will be put in groups based on their current swimming ability. Notes have been sent home and the total cost this term is $8. If your child doesn’t end up participating in swimming, they will be going to a buddy class with a ‘learn to swim’ work booklet.

I strongly encourage all students to attend, as it is a great opportunity to be in the water as the weather warms up. Preps will not swim, however they will engage in a dance/ movement unit and some basic water safety activities at school.

Taco Tuesday at Tuckshop

Tuckshop is open Tuesdays  and Thursdays. Tuesday, November 8 is Taco Tuesday; try a beef or chicken taco – yum!

If you don’t have cash on you, you can now order online. Ask us for more information or visit: www.flexischools.com.au

The power of pink in Tin Can Bay  have as a separate article on same page

The Pink Ribbon Morning Tea took place on last month’s student free day at Tin Can Bay State School.

There was plenty of camaraderie and generosity on the day, with a delicious morning tea and raffles.

Donations came in thick and fast, from Marina Bar and Grill, Tin Can Bay Fruit and Veg, Barnacles, Zenith Hair Design, Snack Shack, Jilly’s, Vicky and Mandy.

The event organiser and teacher aide, Annette Bailey, said, “Many staff got into the spirit and dressed in pink.

“Each year we support this great cause and raise funds for Cancer Council, and this year was a great success, we raised $745.”

Annette added, “Thank you to everyone that donated items to raffle and their time to cook, and to those that came along and supported our fundraiser by giving generously.”

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