Become a peer CPR trainer

Cooloola Coast local ambulance committee update

The Queensland Ambulance Service is in the process of rolling out a new initiative for the community. The intention is to have as many people as possible trained in CPR, with the first step being to identify peer trainers for groups or organisations.

The OIC of the Cooloola Coast Ambulance Service will conduct the training for people who are interested in becoming peer trainers, and they in turn will give CPR instruction to their chosen group.

The training sessions will take approximately 90 minutes and can be conducted for around ten participants at a time. There is no charge involved, but a gold coin donation to the Local Ambulance Committee would be appreciated.

Local schools will be included in the roll-out of the training, with teachers being encouraged to become peer trainers. A start date for the training is yet to be confirmed but in order to gauge the level of interest in the community, we are asking potential peer trainers to contact Caroline Taylor by email at

Please include full contact details, including the name of your group or organisation. Caroline will then pass this information on to the OIC who will co-ordinate the training.

This is a great initiative and in the long term will benefit the local community and help to save lives.

The First Aid Courses funded by the Local Ambulance Committee have now been completed and were enthusiastically attended by the participants.Over the last two years, the Committee has funded courses for around 120 local people which means that there is a good core of knowledge for any emergency situations.

At this stage, we will continue to run the First Aid courses, with another one later in the year. The date, contact details, etc., will be advised through the local community news editions.

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