Soundwaves calls for more Rainbow Beach performers and audience

For those who have supported the Soundwaves activities you will be aware that we have been in a slight recess, but we will be back for the September and November Session Concerts.

Council sought fit not to approve the RBCC grant application to purchase equipment to upgrade the sound system in the hall. Those in attendance know the effort required to truck in/out the sound equipment required for a decent quality events. We called a rest to consider whether to continue with the activities.

Fortunately the RBCC have provided monies to at least partially upgrade the sound so we can continue. We will still pursue other avenues in either grants or fundraising to fully enhance the sound.We are still seeking more involvement from the Rainbow Beach Community be it performers or audience.

Hopefully you will see the photos of Angelique and younger sister Abbey Rose who were the youngest performers at the last concert. We also had Hayley McFarlane and Brian Smith, all from Rainbow Beach….. so we hope for more Rainbow involvement.

We have had great support from Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay people and it is primarily their enthusiasm that is keeping us going.

Our next concert will be“Soundwaves Session 4”

commencing earlier at 2pm on Sunday 22nd SEPTEMBER .

the earlier start time is to hopefully accommodate any youngsters who may wish to get involved …. So come along Parents encourage your children to pursue an adventure in music & entertainment

 Soundwaves is an initiative of the Rainbow Beach Community Centre

For information ring the RBCC 54863355   or Frank 0438080950


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