Chef Sean says enjoy the time with family

Local chef and co-owner of Rainbow Beach Pizza and Grill Sean SeulHospitality is always a stressful industry, staff are under pressure and the standards of safety and hygiene are always high under normal conditions.

Local chef and co-owner of Rainbow Beach Pizza and Grill with his wife Elisa, Sean Seul said: “Now we are constantly cleaning the invisible virus on high traffic areas where it could sit and it has been challenging.

“It’s unfortunate but there is a positive. People in this industry are going to be more aware of cleaning and hand hygiene which is extremely important.”

Currently the loss of income has impacted everyone and businesses are having to adapt to survive.

Sean said: “Rent hibernation is next to none for most of us. Although payments have been deferred, in the long term there is no help at all. My advice if you can keep paying do so, as you may be digging a deeper hole.”

With restrictions in place for the here and now, Sean is thinking ahead.

“The major wholesale food companies have also taken a major loss as many of their customers have closed owing outstanding amounts.

“Suppliers have reduced their staff and stock levels, so when Australia gets the green light for ‘dine in’ again, those restaurants that have made it through will require an opening order of stock that will not be able to be filled at once due to the loss of imports.

“Food costs will rise therefore menu items will also rise as inflation hits.”

Reduced trading is giving us the chance to spend time differently.

Sean said: “Make the most of it, enjoy dinner with your family and a normal life, hospitality crew!”

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