A show of gratitude to our community

Rainbow Beach State School - Our hardworking students deserve a break after a wonderful Term 3

Our hardworking students deserve a break after a wonderful Term 3

Steve Bennett

This month I’d like to give a shout out to all of our community champions who consistently support the school to deliver exciting and engaging programs for all of our kids.

We are so fortunate to have so many people support our school initiatives over a really long time. Whether it is our committed and tireless P&C, parents and community members who regularly devote their time and energy.

We would also like to acknowledge the local businesses who support our every endeavour and it is due to them we are able to keep costs to parents to an absolute minimum.  We are very grateful for all of the support we receive and we cannot thank you enough!

In the later parts of Term 3 we had many of our students head into Gympie to take part in this year’s Broncos League Challenge.  I am so proud of the effort, skill and sportsmanship our students possess.

Our team played in 6 games throughout the day and managed to come away with a few wins.  Really proud of all the boys and girls for their awesome efforts across the course of the year.

A fantastic new addition to our school is the rainbow seats and rock garden that provides a lovely space for people to enjoy.  This project has been driven by Tyla Elmer with the support of Chappy Ronnie and the P&C.

The concept of students being able to contribute to the rock garden with their own designs and messages is a lovely way of connecting them to our school and enhancing our school culture.

We are looking for ways to keep this growing over the future years and providing ways to connect future generations to our school.  Big thank you to all involved and we all agree it looks fantastic!

Our last day of term saw the return of the Family Fun Fishing Day held out at Inskip Point.  This was a return of the once annual event that was often a highlight on the school calendar over many years.

It proved to be a really great day with many children getting to catch a fish and yet another way of celebrating the unique environment in which we live.

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