Rainbow Beach inspires Dr Suzie Starfish

Dr Suzie with her first picture book at Rainbow Beach

Dr Suzie with her first picture book at Rainbow Beach

I was brought up in regional Queensland, spending much of my childhood at the beach, camping and enjoying nature. This, coupled with drawing and creating quirky characters, are some of my fondest memories growing up, which probably led to my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish.

I have been visiting Rainbow Beach since I was five years old and it is such a special place to me. My real name is Dr Sue Pillans.

I am a marine scientist, artist, graphic recorder and children’s author/illustrator (“Authorstrator”) who specialises in creative and visual communications through my small business “Picture your ideas”.

I have a PhD in Marine Science and I am an adjunct Research Fellow in the Centre of Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland.

As Dr Suzie Starfish, one of my biggest joys is to visit schools, kindergartens and libraries to bring the living oceans indoors.

I’m very excited about my series of ocean-science picture books, which I often illustrate at Rainbow Beach.

I hope that through my stories children of all ages fall in love with and ‘sea’ the beauty in nature, so they want to look after our coasts and oceans, like our beautiful Rainbow Beach.

If you would like to ‘sea’ more about Suzie’s stories and where to buy her book for Christmas go to drsuepillans.com or facebook.com/drsuziestarfish

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