The RocknRollaBillys at the Country Club

The RocknRollaBillys are at the Tin Can Bay Country ClubIt’s free entry to see The RocknRollaBillys, a sought-after favourite amongst the Rock ‘n’ Roll dancers and clubs of South East Queensland.

Rock ‘n’ Roll dancers themselves, you can expect everything from 4-step, 6-step and 8-step styles plus Cha Cha, Tango, Lindy Hop, Swing, Rockabilly and Jive, various partner dances, and even some Line Dancing!

The RocknRollaBillys pride themselves in providing an historical experience, along with the double bass, they use Gretsch guitars, ‘Elvis mics’ and wear ‘50s/’60s hair styles and custom-made retro costumes.

Go see them perform on Saturday 17, 6pm at the Tin Can Bay Country Club.

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