Tin Can Bay Country Club Archive

Merlin is “The ultimate one-man band”: Troy Daniel Waller, nick-named ‘Merlin’ is an experienced entertainer, having performed as
Tin Can Bay Country Club host annual Art Show: The Tin Can Bay annual Art Show will be held at the
See Shades of Grey: Shades of Grey is a Sunshine Coast rock band that is the
Tin Can Bay hosts Graeme Jensen: Graeme is an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer who was nominated as Queensland
Barlight in Tin Can Bay: Barlight began to shine in 2015 when Bundaberg-based musicians, Kane and Paula
Chinese flavour for Country Club: So popular is the new Chinese restaurant at the Tin Can Bay
Angela Easson at the Tin Can Bay Country Club: Angela Easson is a vibrant, up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Blitzing Australia’s modern country scene
Flintock at the Tin Can Bay Country Club: Flintlock are the winners of the Sunshine Coast Battle of the Rising Stars Original Band.
Fleetwood Mac lives again: At Last! An act that goes beyond a band. A show that
A new cuisine on the coast!: The Tin Can Bay Country Club Chinese Restaurant opened last month and