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Nut and Paul Arthur have opened a new service in town - Thai massage

Nut and Paul Arthur have opened a new service in town – Thai massage

The energising effects of Thai massage have to be felt to be believed. If you have never experienced this release from tension, you are in for a surprise.

“Those that know Thai massage are up here in a flash,” Paul Arthur explained.

Paul’s wife, Nut, (short for Nongnut and rhymes with “put”) has opened her own practice in Rainbow, complete with poolside Balinese hut.

“Nut trained for two years in Thailand and had to learn the biology of the body, as well as massage styles like Swedish, relaxation and tendon manipulation,” Paul said.

“She had her own shop with staff under her and taught at the school of massage. She has been in the industry for ten years.”

“A proper Thai massage does the whole body.” The most popular lasts an hour and frees tension by working from head to toe on pressure points, like acupuncture.

Alternatively, Nut can focus on problem areas for thirty minutes. The combination of massage, manipulation and stretches provides deep tissue therapy, relaxation and total well-being.

Paul met Nut a couple of years ago when she visited for three months. She loved the area and the beach. They have been married over a year now.

How has she adapted to her new life here?

Nut said, “It is so much cleaner here. I love camping and the trees.”

Nut told me she also loves experiencing the food and different cuisines. A BBQ with fish and steak is one of her favourites.

But most of all: “I love cheese,” she said, ” I put it on everything…”

It seems Nut’s only problem is finding a Thai massage for herself, as practitioners are hard to find.

Paul is our long-serving local bus driver and knows our kids, as well as their parents. “Rainbow kids are good kids,” he said.

When he was 19 he had an earth working business in Brisbane and owned Sun Safari Tours to Fraser between 1978 and 1985 as well as a fishing licence.

“Once the kids finished uni, I chose a more leisurely life – bus driving! I just do the run now and help Nut.”

“If you have been to Thailand, you know how good the massage is,” Paul said.

I don’t need any more convincing.

Visit 48 Rumbalara Drive, or call 0490 374 698 to experience the magic of Thai massage yourself!

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